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today. >> the first debate the turn presidential candidates mitt romney and president barack obama is next wednesday, october october 3rd. the university of denver. watch and engage with c-span, including a live debate preview starting at 7:00 p.m. eastern fall by the domestic policy debate at 9:00 p.m. post debate reactions and comments. calls, e-mails, and tweets. follow our live coverage on c-span, c-span radio and on line at >> presidential debates next wednesday live on c-span, c-span radio, and on line at watch ending dates. pass >> on washington journal tomorrow morning and look at the issue of foreign policy in this year's campaign. our guest is nicholas burt, former undersecretary of state for political affairs. political science professor at norfolk state university will focus on the role of virginia in the election and a history of the african-american vote in virginia. we will also be joined by editor in chief of the washington monthly to discuss recent articles in the magazine examining the consumer financial protection bureau. live on c-span ev
worth noting. one is missile defense. when the obama administration came into office, they did not cut funding for missile defense. they kept it at about the same level, about $10 billion a year. but they shifted resources to focus much more on other things. these are systems like patriots, it is good for helping protect our forces overseas were -- now, national missile defense systems are really concerned with protecting the united states in particular. the obama administration changed our plans for european missile defense to leverage the existing missile defense system and put that system sure first in romania and poland later on. they also curtailed the ground-based midcourse. they stopped it at 30. i think the wrong administration would actually probably go back and change the balance again, much more in favor of national missile defense systems and we have actually seen in congress, republicans have been pushing the idea of deploying some of these ground-based and interceptors on the united states disclosed. another area of specific differences in shipbuilding. it is an imperfect
is important to every single american. because we live in a globalized world. i thought president obama gave a thoughtful and he focused 0 the middle east and the tragic events that took place two weeks ago of this week. the assassination of our ambassador in libya and three of his colleagues. the president paid tribute to ambassador stephens. he made two important points, he said americans obviously want to show great religious tolerance for the viewrs of others. and he disassociated the united states from the hateful video that was made in california that derotted the prophet mohammed and islam. and the president said this is his main point, he was passionate about it. the americans have an abiding belief in made a compelling case mr.. he also had a message for iran and that is that while we want to negotiate our differences through diplomacy if that's possible, that time is not unlimited. i thought it was a warning to the iranian government is a difficult deal with. i thought it was a important speech that the president gave yesterday in my. >> >> host: how about mitt romney can, you asse
the reason the minimum wage to a living wage. president obama ran on a platform saying he wanted to raise the minimum wage to $9.50 an hour. democrats have been weak on that issue in lifting the minimum wage. or like $10 or $10.40 an hour would it not to be. he ran on a platform. haven't heard much about it. we believe mr. obama -- president obama would be much better than mr. romney would come the given what we've analyzed in her book. the president hasn't been strong enough. >> quickly tell us about the book that covered. >> guest: in short it's called "the rich and the rest of us." the poverty master test i would argue in the book the inner democracy and as a matter of national security and job numbers came out last friday are abysmal. you put both of these together. poverty ought to be normal and the richest nation in the world. it ought to be abnormal. we take that on in the book and layout 10 suggestions that are poverty manifesto that can reduce in america. >> host: tell us about the tour that you and mr. smiley are wrong. >> guest: it is a beautiful affair because we are witnessin
american media and you add those three elements together and you get the obama machine. i would just like to say a little bit about each of those elements and then open it up for questions until c-span tells us that the cameras are turned off. and, you know, let's start with a hate directed against obama. first of all, i have to say, i think criticism of any american president is fair game. i am part of the white house press corps. i go to the white house every day. i would have been there today if i wasn't here. every day in front of the white house on pennsylvania avenue there is a crowd of people protesting something. and i love that. i really do. i make a point of checking and what they are there for what the issue of the days. a very healthy part of our democracy. and criticism of the president, of course, has been around for a long time. the of this presidential campaign in history, 1800. john adams and thomas jefferson, the things that were said. but the followers against each other. so, but with president obama it has been a tax not on his policies so much as on him as a person. a
supported president obama's compromise bill that not only kept taxes low for everybody for the last two years, but also take care of an employment benefits. she would not have supported that because the fee increases -- sorry, the fact we didn't tax more a high income earners. so she would've been about taxing one taxpayer middle-class people. this is about 700,000 jobs. i did make those numbers up, but 3.4 trillion are all things you have said. he won another million in social security. small business come in 9 billion. we could go on. >> i'm sorry, but these are made-up numbers, senator brown. here's that matters. we know how senator brown voted and he isn't talking about the bill that he voted on that will permit taxes to go up for 98% of families in the commonwealth and 99% of small businesses. here's the important point, john. just last friday senator brown went on the radio and when asked of it comes down to it and the question is extend tax breaks or taxes to go up for 98% of families or vote no and let them go was because there aren't enough at the top 2%. how would you vote? se
to be pro-american. they have oil. all throughout the bombing when president obama was bombing libya, he kept saying, "oh it will all be free. they'll pay us for it later. it will be a free war." we've heard that one before. iraq was going to be a free war also that iraq oil was going to pay for it. never ends up happening. but that's what they told us about libya. with regard to pakistan, i have one additional requirement. they have to protect and prove to us they will protect our embassy and they have to release dr. afridi. and i think this is very little to ask. he's under death threats in prison. his family's under death threats in the countryside. they're living in hiding and living in fear because they helped us. the other reason why this administration should really take it personally is somebody leaked dr. afridi's name. his name should have never been known. i doubt it was someone with the c.i.a. but somebody who knew his name leaked this story. there were some stories about a month or two ago about how the president was doing a great job with terrorism. in those stories it talk
and as a military mom, i love seeing veterans and military families for obama. [applause] i'm a full-time teacher and of course as a woman i want you to vote. [applause] and i have seen first-hand just how barack and joe stand up for the rights and freedoms of women every single day. barack is the son of a single mother who worked hard to him pay the bills and joe has been standing up for women since he was in the senate. piece says his proudest achievement was riding the violence against women act. [applause] so it is no surprise that the president signed his very first piece of legislation that he signed with four women to earn the same pay as men. [applause] our president has appointed more women to cabinet level positions and more women to the federal bench than anyone in history. [applause] that is worth clapping for. and that doesn't count our wonderful supreme court justices, it elena kagan and sonia sotomayor. [applause] and of course as debbie said, the president work so worked so hard for health care reform. now insurance companies will no longer be able to charge us more for coverage t
years of barack obama. we're not going to have four more years of barack obama. >> the yemeni president was in washington d.c. today to speak at the wilson's manner. mr. hadi took over the presidency in february after an uprising forced a previous president to step down after 33 years in power. security remains a major turning ament with president hadi offering to hold talks with al qaeda and other militant groups to take down their weapons. jane harman gives introductory remarks. >> do we have some more room for the president's party? let's see -- okay. good afternoon to welcome to the wilson center. i am jane harman, president and eeo. the wilson center, a living memorial to her 28th president is a vibrant arena for discussion. our charter for business or not busy, but not from creating a safe political space to engage a diversity of views and to explore today's toughest policy issues. all viewpoints are sought out and heard, free from spam. on behalf of the wilson center and the atlantic council, an honor to to welcome his excellency, abdrabuh mansour hadi, the president of the repub
action until a new administration comes in, either romney or barack obama in the second term. secondly, the administration has been certainly cautious about a sort of intervention, military intervention in syria. libya and syria are apples and oranges that they are quite different. libya was isolated regionally and internationally in a way that syria is not. it has the support of her rant, support russia as well as other countries that complicate the regional level and international level. finally, there've been calls to record the safe havens. i'm not a military expert, but everyone i console say that requires a no-fly zone. syria has mr. advanced and sophisticated system provided by the russians that libya did not have. there'll be much more difficult and dangerous for an assertive u.s. coalition coalition to go when in terms of military intervention to create safe havens, establish no-fly zones. even in libya it was nec and syria again is just a much more difficult situation militarily. >> host: the title of your book, "syria: the fall of the house of assad," why that title? >> gues
'll open it up for questions. first the parallels. roosevelt, like president obama was a reform democrat -- democratic president. and both of them were willing to challenge the court than they thought their decisions were wrong. certainly franklin roosevelt did at some length over a long period of time. obama showed at his state of the union and 20 times that he was willing to challenge the justices sitting and bright in front of him on the campaign finance a citizen united case. i have no doubt that if this court, the roberts court strikes down the health care law, which of course is coming up for argument next month, if they strike at down all or part of it, i think president obama will be critical. will he propose a court packing plan as fdr did? adult excel. obama was a very keen student of american history and he knows that most historians and the court clacking plan is one of the worst things that franklin roosevelt ever did during his tenure as president. what about comparing the hughes court and the roberts court and the two chief justices? well, they're sort of parallels. both h
office for the first time, if your name is barack obama. >> broad is a trailblazer in hero of mine. >> the best way to say does the bible beating heart of the internet. >> more with us these reporter sunday night at 8:00 on c-span's q&a. >> senate judiciary chairman patrick leahy called the supreme court's decision supreme court's decision to citizens united campaign finance case corrosive to the political process. he spoke during a hearing the testimony from legal scholars and voting rights advocates. this is an hour and 20 minutes. >> i apologize to the witnesses and bmi. i was just talking to senator grassley about an hour and a half to go 11 miles. i know that this area -- band -- give a whole lot of money to out-of-state companies to have speed cameras so the out-of-state companies can become wealthy. unfortunately, they don't seem to have money to actually coordinate their stoplights or do anything that might help the taxpayers and the drivers in the area. but my stock in the out-of-state speed cameras seems to be the only thing that encourages them. before i give an opening,
. the middle class is not gaining ground. that is a big issue, president obama talking about the middle class and he wants to reinforce that. and he has his republican challenger, mert romney, saying that he can help boost everyone that way. it has become a big issue. places like nevada will be different than they are here in washington. >> now, if we actually look at household assets, would this even be larger. in these two upper percentiles, there is a higher level of investment. >> there is a lot of other things that go into how people feel. if you have a car or a house, if you have equity in your house, if you are under water in the house, other health insurance benefits that you may have, they often help you feel the fear. at the same time, some of the promises they made, it's a costume or to to fill up the car and more when you go to the grocery store, even if your income is the same, you're not feeling as good as you did a couple of years ago. that is something that a lot of people experienced. >> and there is a lot of experts to collect that data. .. how much of that is related to edu
and the obama administration understands that, which is one of the reasons they are supporting this proof of concept of what a new care model of a click. now that may just wrapped up with a few general thoughts. we have a very narrow window to make a transition to a new health care system before politics and economics try this into a purely reaction will posture. the same thing as true public education energy policy and approach to economic development we are in the area of paradox and as importantly we actually have the opportunity and capacity to shape our future. as evidence i would refer you back to the high-stakes game of chicken that took place in august of a race the debt ceiling in order to keep the united states understand $14 trillion national debt. i think we would all agree it was not our finest hour. in the end, congress kick the can down the road by pumping the debt ceiling of $2.1 trillion, the doing almost nothing to address the real underlying driver which is the intersection of the nation population and hyperinflationary medical system. i would remind you 18 in 18 months
that the obama administration should set clear red lines regarding the nuclear program, if so, what you think the red lines should be? [laughter] >> i would believe if you go back and look at the president's prenounsment on the issue, back even in 2009, you can see he was very clear in terms of the national purpose and the national goal. to my knowledge, that hasn't changed. but and i think our policy is informed by pretty good intelligence, and that it's quite possible that the sanctions -- first of all, i think the sanctions are in fact i think they cause the regime to come back to the iea, notice a country like turkey, for example, and originally in 2010 really was championing the right-hand side position is now seen little bit [inaudible] i think you have to be careful how you articulate where your red lines are. there's no question in my mind what our policy is. and there's no question in my mind that a nuclear weapons capable the iran is a clear danger to the neighbors they said so. it's a country that would probably trigger a nuclear arms race in the middle east. and that's a country t
and producing only 25%. this is good for mitt romney or obama it is the big producer of soybeans mortgage generally you can see for china this is a big opportunity. water, of massive problem this has led to aggressive action by china. one of the stories hitting the wire is china it is rerouting whole india -- river from india. there was a public announcement from the premier of china how they would try to work together but the need for fresh water is very clear and very well known to the rivers are polluted and there is not enough water to support the population. oil demand. united states consumes that nine times of china. simply not enough domestic production of with the next several decades. there is a similar picture of from copper that is the most important mineral chided does not have but it needs. there is not enough copper for china. it has led them to go to three aggressive regions across south america and africa those that have been big targets into the resource markets. as promised, a two talk about the ongoing issues to draw on the data publicly available there are some rumblin
, he rabbi of chicago's oldest synagogue, often known by kam. today is it exactly opposite barack obama's house in chicago. and rabbi leibman argued against voting on the basis of jewish interests and in favor of what he considered broad american interests. loud as he was of being a jew, he explained, it is different when i take a balance in order to exercise my rights as a citizen. then i am not a jew, but i feel and act as a citizen of the republic, and the continued, if that party in whose hand i believe the welfare of the country was the safest were to place a -- at the helm of state -- that's the opposite party -- whose nonexistence i believe would be better for humanity and my country, with a messiah at their head, make moses a chief justice, i should say, my fatherland, and here you have my vote, even if all the jew in me mourns. all rabbis would agree, i think, with that sentiment. rabbi isaac, perhaps the foremost reform rabbi in the country, could not havetive agreed with it more. if wrong is wrong, he who defends is wicked, he replays, and the answer to those like adler who r
. >> next wednesday, street, mitt romney and obama meet in the first presidential debate. moderated by jim lehrer from the university of denver. the debate at 9:00 p.m. and after the debate, your reactions, calls, e-mails and tweets. call us on c-span radio and online at >> this panel discusses the high school graduation rates. this is approximately one-hour. >> good morning. [inaudible] we all form together a governing advisory council. the guidance anticipation of that council has for about provided a wide range of experience, viewpoints and expertise, and gives the hamilton project a pragmatic and very special perspective on policy issues. we conducted extensive outreach to the government and the media. our events involve policy papers as indicates today, they are subject to rigorous review. we believe that the objectives of economic policy should be growth, widespread increases in income, and economic security is also the least that all of these objectives reinforce each other. we also believe in market-based economics, and equally in a strong government to perform the func
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